Wild creative cultivations

in sandwich form.



Sasquatch Sandwiches is a collaboration effort started by Gil Gaitan along with his family and friends in the Twin Cities Area. The idea for Sasquatch Sandwiches was born in a basement out of a love for good food and strong Minnesota roots. It has since evolved into a food truck operation serving the Twin Cities. We serve street food inspired by everything we love in Minnesota including people, community, nature and the outdoors combined with urban living and progressive ideas. We look forward to meeting you so you can try our food! 


Sasquatch Sandwiches will feature quality ingredients and be made with love and care. The "Sasquatch" sandwich will anchor our sandwich menu along with rotating specials featured on a daily basis and a selection of sides included to meet your savage appetite. You will find some of your favorite classic sandwiches done in Sasquatch Sandwich style. A little messy, a little wild, but with perfect flavor that will have you smacking your lips and gladly dripping all over the front of your shirt.


Although he is known to be elusive, Sasquatch makes an effort to connect with the community. You may find the Sasquatch Sandwiches food truck in unexpected locations. Look around for him. Stay informed of Sasquatch Sightings, or stumble upon him in his natural habitat. You never know when you may encounter the beast, so be ready! And remember, whatever you do Don’t Feed the Sasquatch!


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