What would you like to see next?

We're coming up to the end of year one of Sasquatch roaming the streets of the Twin Cities, and we are so excited to see what this next year will bring! We've had great success in both Saint Paul and Minneapolis whether it be via the lunch rush, art festivals, evenings at taprooms, catering, or food truck rallies! We've debuted new sandwiches and sides, and have had tons of fun getting to know some really amazing people in our community. We are so grateful to you all, and we couldn't do this without your continued support, so THANK YOU!!

So our question to you is this: what do you want to see next?

We love what we do and we will continue serving quality food and creating new Sammys for you, but we also would love to hear from you! Got an idea? Missing some amazing sandwich from your past? Let us know about it! We are always looking for the next item on our menu, and who knows, your idea might become just that! Comment below, and thanks for supporting Sasquatch!